Hippocrates Farm sea buckthorn covered with dark chocolate 80gr


Superior Quality osmotic sea buckthorn covered with dark chocolate.


Produced by the process of natural osmosis. This process of dehydrating natural fruits at a low temperature does not break down their original structure and keeps their valuable ingredients intact.

Through natural osmosis, the fruits retain their original taste, color, aroma, vitamins and all their valuable ingredients. At the same time they acquire a sweet taste due to the osmotic addition of the natural sugars of the fruit.



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Hippocrates Farm sea buckthorn covered with dark chocolate

Excellent combination of dark chocolate and osmotic sea buckthorn combining the benefits of 2 foods rich in nutritional value.

Initially, dark chocolate contained cocoa, which contains soluble fiber that aids digestion. The flavonols contained in cocoa have a positive effect on memory and help self-concentration. In addition, they have been found to have a positive effect on vascular health by preventing blood clots from forming, thus protecting against heart disease. Finally, it relaxes the walls of blood vessels resulting in lowering blood pressure and improving blood circulation.

Sea buckthorn, in turn, adds its own beneficial properties as it has been shown to contain 190 valuable substances.

It contains vitamin C in a concentration up to 100 times higher than any vegetable or fruit. It contains all the vitamins of the B complex, which help the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system and the heart. It is considered by scientists to be the richest source of vegetable fatty acids: omega-3 (linolenic acid), omega-6 (linoleic acid), omega-7 (palmitic acid), omega-9 (oleic acid), necessary for its proper functioning. brain, immune and reproductive system while protecting against cardiovascular disease by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Finally, sea buckthorn, due to its high fiber content, delays the increase in blood glucose levels and reduces the body's need for insulin, improving glycemic control even in people with diabetes.


Nutritional claims:

High content of fibers




Sea buckthorn 33%. Health chocolate 67% (cocoa mass, sugar, skimmed cocoa powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin. Solid cocoa: 72.4% min).
Coating: Natural oils, gum arabic, ethanol.
May contain traces of milk.

Nutritional Value

Per 100g.

Energy: 464kcal / 1949KJ
Fat: 18,4 g of what saturated: 11,1 g
Carbohydrates: 67,9g of which sugars: 31,0g
Fiber: 6,0g
Proteins: 6,3g
Salts: 0,5g